The Cannabis Collection
Here are our growing collection of cannabis themed products. They come with a desk mount shown below and 2 sided foam tape for mounting on a surface. They are all approximately 8 inches in diameter.

If you have a website or retail store and would like to carry our products you can register on My Account page. We create custom pieces and can add branding for our wholesale customers. We also offer quantity discounts.

Cannabis Mandala

Silhouette of a woman smoking a joint.

Silhouette of Bob Marley.

Cannabis Leaf
This green leaf is being held by our leaf shaped desk holder. It is 8″ in diameter

3D Cannabis Leaf.
It is 4 1/2 inches tall and wide. It has a pleasing 3D texture.

This is the back of the 3D leaf with our logo, CR code and website address. For our wholesale accounts we can add your brand information on most of our products.

Smile Leaf
Here is a fun version of a cannabis leaf with a friendly smile laser cutout. It is 8″ in diameter.

Peace Leaf
Here is a beautiful peace sign surrounded by cannabis leafs. It is colored with a rainbow pattern. It is 8″ in diameter

LED Tea Light. 
With swappable backgrounds the flickering LED tea light makes a great night light. Click here to see other backgrounds and infomation on our Tea Lights.

LED Tea Light. 
Here is the Tea Light in daylight.

THC Molecule.
A nice display of the THC molecule covered in green card stock.

CBD Molecule.
A nice display of the CBD molecule covered in green card stock.

Peace Leaf Plain
Here is a Peace Leaf with a natural wood finish

Rainbow Peace Leaf:
This has the same display on the back of the piece making it a 2 sided piece. It comes with a hanger for allowing it to rotate. It contains a DVD disk on both sides creating a rainbow reflecting effect.

Here is the Rainbow Peace Leaf hanging in a tree.

Leaf shaped desk laser art holder.

Basic shaped desk laser art holder.

Cannabis Collection
A collection of 10 cannabis themed pieces including the display box.