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Here are links to some of our projects and products we have created over the years and new
product pages we are working on.

We will be adding the ones listed below over the next few months.
New pages coming soon
Outdoor multimedia shows
Kens color wheel
Earls outdoor Heart Wings
New Forest Lights. Yes I am creating a new multimedia show in my backyard which is located in the Oregon forest.
Version 10.0 Light Bars and controller.
The Nebula generator.
A cool idea that morphed into some new ones.
The ultimate LED motion controller
Awesome Pixel LED controller
Back illuminated artwork frame
Ambient light sensitive LED controller
Check out our fiber optic chandelier page!
Earls Heart Wings. Earl built a heart with wings in his rose vine in front of his house. The piece is about 15 feet across. We worked together to illuminate it. He turns it on when he has friends coming over for a visit. We will have a video of it here soon. Earl is an amazing artist. Check out his page here at
Outdoor water fountain. I have videos of the daytime show.
Our Light Mandala and World Lotus outdoor multimedia shows were on display at a local summer Da Vinci Days Festival celebration in Corvallis Oregon in central park. Attended by thousands of festive folks.
The photo above is the World Lotus and was 60 feet across featuring 8 lotus petals that were plumbed with fog and could be raised and lowered. It also had 12 water jets and background fog dispersion tube. All to an original sound track with surround sound and synchronized to a collection of intelligent DMX lighting fixtures. In the center of the sphere was a custom mirrored orb created for the sculpture that rotated and was hit with colored lasers sending laser beams scattering into the park surroundings. Yeah I am very proud of this one, it was built in my front yard with several friends one fine summer and was a labor of love for sure.
I have videos of these to share.

Someone's got to do it. :)