Glow Scene
Here is our new Glow Scene LED illuminated Art piece. We love silhouette's and after a lot of trial and error we finally achieved a beautifully blended surface to back illuminate silhouette's with deep rich colors.
   If you are a do it yourselfer we also provide the white surface background you can use to illuminate your own art work. These are great for those who work with cutting machines like the Circuit, and Silhouette CAMEO 3.
   Shown below are our current available scene's. We have more on the way. The scene's snap onto the front of the unit so you can change the scene when ever you want. They are approximately 8 inches in diameter and lean backwards a little bit.
There is a control knob on the back for selecting different flow patterns, intensity and solid colors.
You can select the controller with each scene or additional scene's by themselves to plug into the controller unit. We also provided a cart button for purchasing the controller only.

They look great on a desk, mantel or shelf unit.
Here is a short 90 second video of our Glow Scene in action.
Making the world a more beautiful place
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These will be available soon. We are finishing making our new LED pixel controller