Here are some of the custom fiber optic Chandeliers we have created for our customers.
Custom fiber optic Chandeliers
Musical Ocean
This chandelier is a custom piece a glass my artist friend Turtle and I created for a musical couple that lives in Hawaii. Turtle also made all of the glass forms in these chandeliers. It has a clear glass figure playing a violin with dophins swimming above.
Whale Song
This chandelier has a glass whale illuninated by an independent color changing LED which interacts with the color changer in the chandelier creating beautiful blends.
Dolphin Vortex
This chandelier has 5 glass dolphins spiraling up the chandelier which has the crystals arranged in a spiral pattern.
Sparkle Vortex
The Sparkle Vortex is a pure fiber and crystal chandelier.
Dolphin's at Play
This chandelier 2 dolphins swimming around each other in a playfull way.
This chandelier was made to look like a jellyfish.
Whale Rising
This chandelier has a beautiful glass whale rising up from the ocean depths.
The Chandeliers are illuminated from the top. The fiber optic strands are nicked along their length causing the sparkle effect. Each strand has 3 fiber optic strands in a clear flexible tube. The fiber ends in a glass crystal causing it to burst with colorfull light.
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